Africaine des couleurs et services

Founded in 1999, this company, which is located in Ben Arous’s industrial area, operates in the fields car paints distribution and accessories as well as workshop tools and equipments. ACS represents some high-quality brands such as Blowtherm, Rupes, Autorobot, and Actia Muller.

Générale des Peintures et Accessoires

Created in 1997, GPA is a company located in the industrial area of Ben Arous. The main activities of GPA are based mainly on the distribution and marketing of painting products and car accessories.

Cars Materials and Solutions

Founded in 2014,Cars Materials & Solutions (CMS) offers a wide choice of garage equipment and tools of different brands, as well as a wide range of batteries and lubricants with a serious after-sales service ready to meet all your needs.

Buildings Materials and Solutions

Founded in 2014, this company located in the industrial zone of Ben Arous, on the same site as the company Etanchéité Tunisienne, specializes in the distribution of waterproofing and insulation products complementary to the products manufactured by Etanchéité Tunisienne. It represents high quality brands including Rockwool, Admixtures, and Epoxy Paints and Coatings.


This company has been importing and marketing, under a license, a range of branded high quality food products since 1999, such as Lindt chocolates, Lay’s chips, Doritos and Cheetos, Ducros sauces and spices, Indomie pasta. It is located in the industrial area of Charguia on an area of 2500 m².

Compagnie de distribution et de commercialisation d’électroménagers

This company, created in 1990, is the exclusive distributor of Whirlpool, the world leader in household appliances, in Tunisia. It is located in Borj Ghorbel on an area of 6000 m² and has 70 employees.