Our Group is mainly specialized in the chemical industry. We produce under license certain branded products such as Derbigum (specialized in insulation and waterproofing) or Boero (decorative painting). We have also developed our own brands like Jolycolor and extracolor. We have equally invested in the plastic packaging, aqueous emulsions, and alkyd resins industries.


Compagnie Africaine des Peintures- CAP: CAP was created in 1978. It is the leader of car paints manufacturing. The headquarter of CAP is located in Ben Arous’s industrial area over a surface of 6500m².


The company has managed to bring together an experienced, competent and dynamic team, which is constantly enriched by the contribution of new recruits. It is this team that has allowed the different departments of our company to set in motion one of the most modern factories on the market where the most effective waterproofing products are manufactured…


Since it was created in 1999, Ripolin Tunisie has played an important role in the paint and coatings market in Tunisia.

The company’s head office is located in Bir El Kassaa, Ben Arous, while the factory is located in Feriana, Kasserine Governorate.

Ripolin brand belongs to the world leader in paints ,PPG.


This company is specialized in the production and marketing of injected plastic packaging. With three production sites in Tunis, Algiers and Dakar, we are a major operator in North Africa and the African continent…


MPC PROKIM is a Tunisian company operating in the polymer industry sector, more precisely in the field of manufacturing alkyd resins, polyester resins and aqueous emulsions for the paints industries, adhesives and composite materials. In order to satisfy their partners, MPC PROKIM offers a well-diversified range of products and provides solutions tailored to their requirements…


STEM It is a company specialized in mining activities…